Ekelhaft is the German term for “disgusting”.

The Band

Ekelhaft is a satanic black metal band from Denver, Colorado. Formed in 2016 Ekelhaft signed to Exalted Woe Records in mid-2017 after desecrating Stygian Rites two years in a row, and a number of supporting performances both locally and out of state.

Ekelhaft has gone through several lineup changes since it’s formation, but the veteran songwriting core remains, consisting of Abhoth on guitar and vocals, and Daemon Black on drums.  The band is now and will remain a raw, blasphemous duo, with an ever increasing sphere of satanic influence.

Ekelhaft has previously self-released an EP titled Blood Moon’s Curse, and has a new album in the works to be released on Exalted Woe Records in 2018.

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Vocals, Guitar
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  1. Destruction of the Kingdom of the Lord Ekelhaft 5:35


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