Feed Them Death – No Solution / Dissolution

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1.Cadavoracity I 01:35
2.Exposed Parading Dissent 02:53
3.Bloodshed Theatre 02:13
4.The Horrific Balance 01:36
5.Terrific Gods Caravan 02:49
6.First Time Dead 02:02
7.Prosperity / Captivity 02:28
8.Doctrine of Approximation 02:17
9.Penance In The Wrong Direction 02:01
10.Inception in Rot 01:51
11.Divide + Conquer 02:19
12.Cadavoracity II 01:15




Co-release GrimmDistribution and Exalted Woe Records – “No Solution / Dissolution” out on November 8th, 2018!

“No Solution / Dissolution” is the first release by Feed Them Death, the old school Death-Grind solo project created by Void – founding member of Antropofagus back in 1996. Featuring many collaborations including Argento, Christian Montagna and Deimos, Feed Them Death first release blasts 12 tracks of uncompromising brutality. New chaos from the old depths of extreme music.
No intros, no outros, no solos, no bullshit. This is just pure fucking Death/Grind. Is a must for fans of Terrorizer, Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Phobia, Nasum and Misery Index.

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