Green Altar – Heavy Side of the River


1.Jolly Jane 07:37
2.I’m Not Surprised 07:45
3.Walk Where the Light is Green 07:23
4.Sodomize the World 09:07
5.Puke 06:09

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Heavy side of the river is a dark look into the bleak reality of modern life in the immoral world we find ourselves immersed in, and the chemicals we all use to cope.
released May 4, 2018

Green Altar is
Thode – Guitar
AVH – Guitar (other)
Rachel Purps – Bass
Myyyles – Drums
Cannon the Green – Vocals

Recorded at Cathouse Studios in Sioux Falls,SD
Mixed By Chris Thode
Mastered by Dennis Pleckham at Comatose Studio

All Song Written by GREEN ALTAR

Lyrics by Cannon the Green *

Art by David Paul Seymour

*Lyrics on I’m Not Surprised by Meriwether Raindelay and Cannon the Green