Harhoog – And All Mortals Shall Gaze In Silent Awe At His Magnificence


1. A Light Wreathed in Gossamer
2. Graveyard of Dreams
3. All Eyes Pass Through the Rope
4. Consecrated Axehead
5. Born Under a Ritual Star
6. Phylactery
7. Agrarian
8. Plagueland Conifers
9. Empire of Subservience


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released August 28, 2015


Blat: DrumsSynthsSamples
Ast: vocalsSynthsSamples
Stam: Rhythm Guitars
Rinta: Lead Guidars
Erda: Bass

All Music by Blat excepting
“A Light Wreathed in Gossamer” writtenperformed by Ast
“Born under a Ritual Star” writtenperformed by Ast
Solo on “all Eyes Pass Through the Rope” written by Stam
Guitars on “Empire of Subservience” written by Stam
Bass on “Empire of Subservience” written by Erda
Bass solo on “Agrarian” written by Erda
Solo on “Consecrated Axehead” written by Rinta

Guest bass by Mike Poggione on “Consecrated Axehead”

All Lyrics by AST

Artwork and Logo by Matthias Roth.
CD Art by Joe Schumacher
Layout by Anna Dendinger

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